A Brief Look At The History Of Latvia

Latvia is one of the most ancient Nations in the world with a fascinating history. As one of the three Baltic States in Eastern Europe, this historic country plays a huge role in terms of trade and economic stability. Today, we’ll be looking at Latvia with regards to its past and what shaped this nation to become what it is today.

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9000 BC

Hard as it is to believe, Latvia can actually trace its history as far back as 9000 BC. This is about when the glacial obstruction that the last Ice Age left behind had melted away, clearing the path for the ancient Baltic people to arrive in the region. These early populations then settled in the area where up to four specific tribes have been identified to have cohabited.

Since that time, the region underwent several tumultuous periods, suffering from raids and attacks for centuries. During the middle ages, the people that lived in the area had chosen to reject Christianity, which made them obvious targets during the Northern Crusades.

The strategic positioning of Latvia and its famous city of Riga also made the nation a frequent target by neighboring countries due to its role in the whole trading industry in the region. As a result, both the city and the nation kept changing hands over the years, at one point transferring from Sweden to Russia.

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It wasn’t until the 1850s that Latvia would claim its independence from external hegemony, which began during the period of the First Latvian National Awakening. It was spurred on by the events during World War I, but it was only in 1921 that the international community finally recognized the country as being truly independent.

Unfortunately, the country’s troubles were not to end there as the nation suffered through the Great Depression, a coup d’état, getting absorbed by the Soviet Union in 1940, and then occupied by Nazi Germany a year later. In 1944, it was reclaimed by the Soviet Union once again and stayed under its rule for decades to come.

Because of these unfortunate events beset the country, many Latvians were not able to enjoy freedom. Even finding a wife or husband seemed to be a challenge for every citizen. Thus, most younger generations succumb to online datingsite gratis berichten sturen.

Latvian people had to wait until 1991 to reclaim its independence once the Soviet Union was finally dissolved. Fortunately, the country’s national identity was preserved due to the surviving art and practices that dedicated citizens had fought to keep alive.


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